Phentalism: Fat Burning Review

Phentalism: Fat Burning Review

Almost everybody is eager to burn those unwanted fats. A lot invest in taking pills to achieve this goal. One available in the market is Phentalism. Let’s find out more about these pills.

Losing weight by burning those calories is the work of our body’s metabolism. Phentalism boosts our metabolism that accelerates the burning process. This enhancement gives you the desired effect of losing weight plus the added benefit of curbing your appetite. The product does attribute success to include the commitment of the person in looking after themselves. This probably involves following proper diet and most likely exercise.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Phentalism

Phentalism has its advantages. One thing good about the product is the clear information they provide about it’s ingredients and how strong it is. Phentalism is sold directly from their website. Paying for it is easy enough since they can accommodate a lot of payment methods including Paypal. And lastly, there are cautionary declarations found in the package. They have an explicit warning for overdosing and ensuring to avoid taking the pills near your bedtime.

There are also things you need to watch out for. Phentalism is packed with stimulants that are risky for your body’s health. The ingredients used to make them are actually common enough and can be absorbed from regular food. They are also unclear when it comes to explaining the potential outcome when taking the pills. Each bottle is supposed to produce a different weight loss effect but this is not supported by acts.

A bottle of Phentalism is sold for $69 which will last for a month. This amount is supposed to help you lose as little as 3lbs to as much as 10lbs. This is just a listed benefit and they have no proof if it is actually done. They only mention that it as a certifiable detail.

If you choose to, this is available per day at $2.30.

They do not provide a list of supplements in the product. They do, however, mention the dosage strength of every ingredient as listed below:

Caffeine Anhydrous:

These are dehydrated stimulants that target your metabolism and boost your energy. Phentalism consists of 270mg each serving, the same amount of caffeine you get from 2 cups of your regular coffee. The company limits the consumer at 3 capsules per day because of this. Going beyond that limit is already too much and is dangerous.

This additive can help you in losing your weight but they can also trigger side effects and can lead to complication with tolerance.

Panax Ginesing:

These are ingredients extracted from the plant used to avoid fatigue, help build stamina, and enhance immune function. They also help impede appetite loss, but haven’t been proven if they can affect your weight gain.

Guarana Seed:

This is a heavy stimulant seed naturally from caffeine and theobromine, often found in Brazil. They are used for your focus, metabolism and engery. Overusing this can lead to a list of side effects commonly experienced from other stimulants.

Green Tea:

Green tea is a metabolism enhancer packed with antioxidants used in Phentalism. A total of 4:1 ratio is used that allows for a highly concentrated ingredient abundant in active chemicals to bring about more benefits.


Metabolism and fast recovery from exercise are bodily functions that are enhanced by the L-Carnitine. These are amino acids that are naturally found in our body and helps in weight loss.

Cayenne Pepper:

These spices not only enhance metabolism but also affects the flow of your blood. This chili pepper contains the active ingredient capsaicin that produces a burning sensation. Not to worry about spiciness in the flavor. They are being limited by a series of process used to produce Phentalism.

Phentalism Stimulants:

Another thing to consider is how this product is strongly filled with stimulants that prevents its potential for weight loss. Excessive use of stimulants can cause tolerance. Every day use can build your body’s tolerance to the supposed effects of the caffeine. To prevent this, you must implement cycling, a schedule for when to take it and when not to.

Furthermore, these can cause all types of symptoms that can threaten your health. Excessive use can trigger palpitations, headaches, jitters, and anxiety.


Selling Phentalism

Phentalism is sold under the banner of Optimum Nutra Inc. They known to operate in Panama, but other than that, there is little information about the company.

They have an easy enough return policy. Every bottle is guaranteed with a 60-day return plan as long as consumer shoulder an additional $10 fee. This can be availed in the condition that only one bottle is opened. Leaving the rest unopened and unused.

There are rumors that, a review site for supplements, are connected with Phentalism. This seems possible since the website is designed similarly with the brand, but this isn’t confirmed yet.

Consumers’ Review

You will find a limited number of feedback regarding the use of the product. The ones you find though may fail to specify details in their review.

The few we were able to find had negative feedback. Since they aren’t able to detail out their experiences, we can say for sure. The adverse finding are mostly because of the side effects the consumers were experiencing.

Many of these reactions as mentioned above included uncontrollable shaking, jitters, anxiety and palpitations. These are common symptoms associated with the use of heavy stimulants. Rare problems include the increased amount of urine discharge.


We have discovered that Phentalism is full of active ingredients that are supposed to help with your weight loss. These, however, can be taken naturally from the food we eat.

The pill consists of amino acids and other nutrients that are likewise common among other. However, quality of the product is compromised due to the high quantity of caffeine being used. These may trigger a lot of symptoms that is not worthy for a product with uncertain benefits with long-term use.

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